How to control random camera placement in scenes

In this tutorial, we’ll show you how to create synthetic datasets captured with a camera placed randomly in 3D scenes, according to constraints you define. 

This tutorial is part of a series on Freespace camera mode:

Part 1 (this tutorial):  How to control random camera placement in scenes

Part 2: How to target objects with a random camera

Part 3: How to target activities with a random camera

Step 1: Activate camera freespace mode

Select the Freespace mode in the Camera tab.

In this mode, the camera moves freely in the scene while respecting constraints you set.

Step 2: Adjust camera position range

In the Camera position section, toggle the switch to add a height constraint. Use the double slider to select a height range.

Use the double slider to add a tilt constraint to limit the camera’s vertical movement.

Step 3: Preview

You can preview an image with targets by selecting Sample camera POV” on top of the preview window and hitting the refresh preview button.

Step 4: Add a target (optional)

In the Targets section, choose whether to target objects or people doing activities.

If you choose to target objects, click on the “+” icon to add an object target.

elect the desired object class from the list of targetable classes or add it to the Scene contents first if it’s not present.

You can adjust the parameters for each target if needed, and assign percentages to targets to create variability in the images when generating datasets.

Step 5: Preview random image with target

You can preview an image with targets by repeating step 3.

Alternatively, you can preview a single target by hitting the preview button on its tile in the camera targets section.

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