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“We believe access to high-quality yet affordable synthetic image datasets drives innovation and the democratization of AI.”

Benoit Morisset, Founder and CEO

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AI Verse is a venture-backed startup that calls France home. Yes, we’re data scientists and engineers, but we’re also entrepreneurs on a mission to help you bring innovative ideas to life. 


We created AI Verse to help engineers like yourself better train deep learning models.

Specifically, solving the biggest headache we experienced, which was getting our hands on high-quality, affordable image datasets that we could quickly customize for our applications. 

Unfortunately, the perceived notion that real-world data is superior to synthetic data in model training is hindering true innovation. This has led to a domino effect, where product development is only for well-financed companies able to assume the high costs of obtaining and labeling real-world data. 

We believe access to affordable, unbiased, and customizable synthetic image datasets is critical to democratizing AI. It lowers the barrier to entry and, as a result, opens up the market to smaller companies. And thus, drives innovation.

Which led us to where we are today

AI Verse has developed a technology that automatically creates synthetic image datasets optimized for training deep learning networks.

We have designed a self-service platform that lets companies of any size generate their own synthetic datasets for computer vision applications, whether for home surveillance cameras, robotic vacuums, robots, virtual reality headsets, and beyond. 

Contrary to real-world data, our platform allows computer vision (CV) and machine learning (ML) engineers to generate a fully labeled dataset in just a few hours and for a fraction of the cost. And unlike real-world datasets, ours are pixel-perfect, bias and privacy-free, and easily customizable.

And we’re going even further by giving the power to you. Let us know if you’re working on a new idea and require a specific dataset tailored to your application. 

Our Origins


Benoit Morisset

Founder and CEO

Benoit holds a doctorate in robotics and AI from the renowned research institute LAAS-CNRS in France and was a Computer Scientist at the Stanford Research Institute.  Prior to founding AI Verse, Benoit was co-founder and CEO of Pixmap. He held a senior engineering position at Apple.

Arnauld Lamorlette

Chief Technology Officer

Arnauld boasts 35 years of international experience in the highest spheres of the Computer Graphics industry. In particular, he co-created and headed The Bakery studio. At Dreamworks Animation, he was the key contributor to the cutting-edge technology Global Illumination used in Shrek 2, a project that earned him a 2011 Scientific & Technical Award from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.

Pierre Alliez

Scientific Advisor

Nicolas Caplat

Assets Supervisor

Iñigo Imaz Chacón

Back-end Engineer

Lorraine Dessere

Character Technical Director

Laurent Gilly

Engineering Manager

Matthieu Lecce

VP of Product
Senior ML Engineer

Patrick Miegeville

Character Artist

Afan Olovcic

Lead Programmer 3D Engine

Xiaofang Wang

Computer Scientist Deep Learning

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