On-demand synthetic datasets

Teach your new dog some old tricks

Accurately train your hungry AI models faster, easier and affordably.

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How it works

Fast AI training is Easier with synthetic datasets

Building a dataset to train your application with real-world images is expensive, lengthy, and in some cases simply impossible.


Now, with AI Verse, construct use cases in a few clicks. Building
a high-quality synthetic dataset is faster, easier, and more affordable.

Digital Assistants

Personal Robotics

Vacuum Cleaners


Augmented Reality

Just add and configure your requirements AI Verse does the rest

Entirely Procedural – Maximum Variance – Zero Bias – Pixel Perfect

Advanced Configuration

Configure with more than 50 parameters and optimize your dataset.

Image previews
Image previews are accessible at every step, so you see the results in real-time.
Add your activities

Add various human activities to your scenes. Select the gender, age, ethnicity and physical characteristics of the human participants.

Self-service dataset generation

Flexible pay-per-use system. Datasets are stored securely and delivered via the cloud—no minimum or a maximum number of images. Expand your datasets incrementally as needed.

10+ varied and complex labels

Labels are pixel-perfect and bias-free.

What You Get

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How good are synthetic images for training your model?

We conducted a series of benchmarks that compared training efficiency with synthetic images against real-world images.

Fast, easy and affordable — on-demand synthetic datasets