On-demand synthetic datasets

Build it and they will come!

Put AI Verse at the heart of your next project.

Build Something Smarter

Detect: people reading, people sleeping, kids playing, etc.

  • Room type detection (kitchen, bedroom, etc)
  • Floor type detection
  • Wires and electric cable detection
  • Thick rug detection
  • Chair legs detection
  • Cat litter box detection
  • Human feet detection
  • Toy detection

Build Something Visionary

Recognize: Person grabbing, using or releasing an object, opening or closing a drawer, watching TV, cooking, etc.

  • Room geometry understanding
  • 3D from 2D
  • Surface area detection
  • Hand tracking
  • Object detection
  • People detection

Build Something Helpful

Identify: people eating, drinking wine, chatting, reading, preparing coffee, cooking, working, etc.

  • Room type detection
  • Object detection

Build Something To Keep Us Safe

Perceive: intrusion, people fainting, people entering or exiting a room.

  • Door opening
  • People detection
  • Pet detection
  • Fall detection

Build Something Amazing

Imagine: how AI Verse can help.

  • Yes, we’re data scientists, but we know a good idea when we see one and can help you bring it to life!

Fast, easy and affordable — on-demand synthetic datasets