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Who We Are

At AI Verse, we develop a new technology to efficiently train your Deep Learning networks and create the next generation of vision-based applications. AI Verse is an incubating startup born out of world leading academic research from INRIA laboratory.

We are based in the European technology valley of Sophia Antipolis located on the French Riviera.

Our Team

Benoit Morisset
Arnauld Lamorlette
Matthieu Lecce
Computer Scientist
Pierre Alliez
Scientific Advisor
Florent Lafarge
Scientific Advisor
Onur Tasar
Computer Scientist
Paul-Vinh Lê


Fabrizio Corda
Computer Scientist

Contact Us


AI Verse - Inria Sophia Antipolis
2004 Route des Lucioles,
06902 Valbonne, France


+33 6 46 10 11 42